Hello there, I am Suraj Verma.

I am a Front End Developer from India and this is my personal space on web. I write code and click pictures. You can check my clicks on Instagram and I'd love to see you on Twitter.

Reverse a String or Numbers in JavaScript

Write a function to reverse a string or number or reverse a string or number is most common Javascript interview questions you may expect in a JavaScript Interview.
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What Is Open Today ?

Work  What Is Open Today
During Lockdown 1.0 in India, I along with my friends Dipanshu & Vivekanand created a progressive web app to help people. It all started with a simple idea of giving users option to register a business and vote/report if the business is open or close so that other users can check about a particular shop’s status before going out and without calling the owner (if they have the owner’s number!
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Hello Hugo

Work  Hello Hugo
It’s been very long since I wrote something on this blog. A lot have been changed during this time and something has changed in this blog too.
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क्या हो तुम

अक्सर उन अनींदी रातों में, या अधखुली आँखों में, उन अनदेखे, अधूरे से ख्वाबों में, ढूंढ़ता हूँ तुम्हे मैं, और तुम, देखती हो मुझे, खुशनुमा हवाओं के सांचे में,
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And I Am Working Again 😉

Since last few days, I started working on my projects/websites and ideas left in dark for long 😀 . I will try to keep working on these and update them here occasionally if I find them worth sharing to the world ;).
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