While Google Chrome has a whopping market share of more than 65%, there are still people like me and as you are here, definitely you, who love to use Mozilla Firefox as their primary browser. I love my privacy and I know in my position I can’t completely avoid but wherever I have choice, I prefer not to use Google and it’s products. Below are some extension which I use and I believe these are a must have for every Firefox user.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a wide-spectrum content blocker with CPU and memory efficiency as a primary feature. It blocks ads trackers, popups etc by default and has some well known filters (like Easy List, Peter Lowe’s Ad server list etc.) enabled by default and more can be added as required of course.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is another gem from well known privacy advocates Electronic Frontier Foundation. It doesn’t have any list based filters, instead it automatically learns to block invisible trackers based on their behaviour.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

Well! this one is really awesome and I love it. This is so awesome that some of my friends use Firefox solely for this addon. A container is a sandbox for websites you open inside it. Cookies of one container cannot be accessed into another container. Like you can create one container for social media accounts only so they cannot access cookies from your general browsing or shopping and they won’t be able to flood you next time you search for a cookie in your personal container.


This is another open source addon which removes tracking elements from URL’s you visit. It also has a built in tool where you can strip multiple URL’s of their tracking elements at once.

Firefox Relay

Firefox Relay is a service provided by Mozilla using which you can create email aliases which will forward to your real email address. This addon adds a button on email fields on the form you encounter and you can use your aliases just by a click.

I love and use all of these addons in my Firefox installation and I hope you will like and find these useful too. Happy browsing 😄!