I Received it :

As i mentioned in one of my previous post that I have ordered Motorola Defy+ from infibeam.com. I received it once and WTF ! I got a defected device with blurred camera, then I requested a replacement from infibeam as per their replacement policy and sent it back (actually they were about to send somebody for picking the product from my place, but I was getting late and went to their warehouse which is very near to my place and submitted it), yes their customer service was pretty good to handle me. I got the replacement 2-3 days after my b’day. I got a brand new Motorola Defy+, i was afraid again as for one time i got a defected one, this time i turned it on as i get it, checked it camera and other normal functions and yes it was and it is working fine till date.

About The Phone :

Being a tech geek, i am always obsessed with gadgets. I really like this phone, it looks pretty, it comes with a lot of useful features and it is best in class phone till date. One special function of this phone is that it is waterproof (I still have to test this feature 😉 ). It comes with 1 Ghz processor and 512 RAM, internal memory is 2 GB in which usable amount is around 1.24 GB, 2 GB memory card is included in the package. The camera is of 5MP with LED flash and auto focus, not the best 5 MP phone camera but works fine. You can play graphic rich without heating it up.


The phone is pretty good and feature rich and full fill my light gaming needs on the go. I like the service of infibeam as well, their customer service is really good and you can rely on them.