It’s been very long since I wrote something on this blog. A lot have been changed during this time and something has changed in this blog too.

I was thinking of switching from Jekyll to a different static site generator for quite sometime. But as I don’t write much now a days due to my tight schedule and wasn’t getting much time to do some research and comparison between next generation of SSG’s so the thought remained a thought only.

This lockdown gave me the well needed bandwidth to actually migrate to another great SSG which is Hugo.

Why Hugo ?

I just wanted a minimal no nonsense setup, which doesn’t need a lot of time to do the basic things so that I can focus towards the reason I was doing this setup instead of diving deep through the steep learning curve of a new SSG.

I had to choose from Gatsby and Hugo. Before I go ahead, let me tell you, both frameworks are opensource and both of these SSG’s are really great and fast. Both are easy enough to setup and deploy and both are having nice documentations so you won’t get stuck. And both works with Makrdown files so you want face any problem moving your Jekyll posts to any of these Frameworks while migrating.

Gatsby has more features and steep learnig curve, if you are proficient in React then you may choose Gatsby. Whereas Hugo is written in Go, and as Hugo’s Home page states, The world’s fastest framework for building websites, in my opinion it really is. Hugo builds websites amazingly fast.

I did a side by side setup of Gatsby and Hugo and in the end chose Hugo over Gatsby because Hugo took lesser time in customization and setup (which I needed), I chose Hello Friend theme by @panr for my setup, I did some customization and changes as per my liking and well, I was ready to deploy my blog in no time.

And here I am writing a post on my new blog almost after 5 years. I will try to keep writing now onwards and as I am liking Hugo, I am hopeful that I will stick with it for next few years 😄.